The Studio Ballard Plans


The Missing Middle

In the area of home design, there is a major missing component in the American architectural landscape. When looking for new home designs, people usually end up on one of the major aggregator websites, looking through thousands of home plans.  Most of those plans would work perfectly fine in any basic suburban neighborhood. But what if you’re looking for something with a little more character or even have to find a plan that will fit into an historic neighborhood? You will more than likely have some trouble finding the right plan online as most of those “historic styles” are just the same plans with a few stuck-on period details. What about employing an architect? There are amazing homes designed everyday by these talented artisans. But the additional costs can add up to 10-15% of the overall home value. It can be well worth it, but the additional cost can be distressing when purchasing your dream home. Most architects are either working with very wealthy individuals or perhaps on parcels that require a little more design know how like narrow or steep lots. In short, they are providing unique design solutions. At Studio Ballard, we realize that customers are torn between making their home individually suited for them but are also chasing the latest Pinterest fads while still worrying about resale value. There’s the homeowner paradox: how to get great design suited to you at a good price. Well, like they say, even if you’re one in a million, there are thousands like you out in the world.

At Studio Ballard, we can help you discern the fads from good design and make a beautifully classic home suited just for you


Option 1: Choose one of our pre-designed plans (with the possibility to tweak it)
We’ve put what we consider some of our best plans here. These have evolved over time, re-worked with builders and individuals to make the most of every space.
Generally, around $1.00 per square foot

Option 2: Modify an existing plan
The plans here are not our only plans, but maybe we have just the right plan already. Let’s talk about your needs and then we can present you with a few ideas that we can work from. This is a tried and true method that allows you to get a uniquely suited solution. Generally, starting around $1.50 per square foot.

STEP 3: Start on a new plan
Sometimes we don’t have a good ready made solution to your design problem. That’s good, or it might get a little boring around here. We love to tackle new design problems, styles, and types of residential projects. And you’ll love your unique home. Generally, starting around $2.50 + per square foot.

For new home plans, final price based on square footage, base price @ $2.50 psf
Final SF is determined by heated square feet (to exterior of framing) for indoor spaces.Additional SF price will include exterior covered porches and garages at $1.00 psf. Site planning is usually included. This will reflect hard surfaces, paths, views, etc. Note, local engineering is encouraged and may be required by your local building department.