Although, our small company is based in Hastings on Hudson, New York, we have partnerships with several individuals throughout the United States. This allows us to provide a range of services to developers all over the nation. While we are known for our Craftsman inspired home plans, Home Patterns LLC provides a wide range of services from custom homes to full neighborhood design.

Single Family Residential

  • Green building experts
  • TND focused production plans
  • Bungalows, cottages, and foursquare plans
  • Custom design in the Arts and Crafts style
  • A portfolio of garages/guest houses
  • Model home packages for neighborhoods

Custom Home Design
See Studio Ballard, for more information on how to work with our custom design workshop. Although, most of our work revolves around our current plans, we do like to offer custom home design. Many times this involves customizing one of our existing plans, but many times people will bring us pictures of an existing house that they want to recreate in a more modern version. Quiet simply, we LOVE to do this. It's a chance for us to learn more about a particular bungalow style and add to our repertoire. We like to do this so much that we generally are less expensive than most of our competitors out there. Why? Because we can, hopefully, sell the plan again. We find that most drafters charge around $1 per square foot to design "custom" homes. We are a little more – depending on the amount of detail desired. However, we like to think that we bring a little more expertise to the table than most drafters and even most registered architects. We're not boasting – we simply have more experience with bungalows.

Neighborhood Design
We've worked on neighborhood design and bungalow courts many times, but not as much as we'd like. Too often, developers come to us once all of the lots have been laid out and we then have to figure out which plans will work where. This is time consuming and often leads to unneeded compromises. If you want to build a bungalow neighborhood then start the process with us and we'll show you how to make the best one possible.

Neighborhood Planning
Historic neighborhood approvals, Pattern book and model home packages, Architectural guidelines.

Home Patterns has recently started to work more closely with Real Estate Developers to provide more than just our plans. Since we have to market these plans ourselves, we have a plethora of materials that are available to companies that are trying to sell our homes. This includes rendered streetscapes, web based marketing materials and high quality 3D renderings that can be used on anything from billboards to business cards.

Multi-Family Residential
Townhouse, duplex, and apartment homes.