What's Included in the Home Plans?

Each set of home plans that we offer will provide you with the necessary information to build the home. Some adjustments to the plans may be necessary in order to comply with your state or county building codes. Prior to application for a building permit or the start of actual construction, we strongly advise that you consult your local building official to verify what you will need to submit for your building permit.

Foundation Plan
Includes detailed information about the foundation layout including concrete walls, footings, pads, posts, beams, bearing walls, and foundation notes. If the home features a basement, the first-floor framing details may also be included on this plan. If your plan features slab construction rather than a basement, the plan shows footings and details for a monolithic slab. This page, or another in the set, may include a sample plot plan for locating your house on a building site. Additional sheets focus on foundation cross-sections and other details. In some instances a designer may only provide what is commonly referred to as a foundation schematic or plumbing plan. These types of drawings only show the footprint of the foundation and do not include foundation construction details.

Floor Plans
Show the layout of each floor of the house. Rooms and interior spaces are carefully dimensioned and include locations of doors and windows. Plans will also include and markers indicating cross-section details provided elsewhere in the plans if applicable.

Building Sections
Building sections show changes in floor, ceiling, or roof height, and / or the relationship of one level to another. These sections show how the various parts of the house fit together and are valuable during construction.

Electrical Plans
The electrical plan offers suggested locations with notes for all lighting, outlets, switches, and some other electrical appliances. A layout is provided for each level, as well as basements, garages, or other structures. This plan does not contain diagrams detailing how all wiring should be run, or how circuits should be engineered. These details should be designed by your electrician.

Exterior Elevations
In addition to the front exterior, your drawing set will include drawings of the rear and sides of your house as well. These drawings give notes on exterior materials and finishes. Particular attention is given to cornice detail, brick and stone accents, or other finish items that make your home unique.

Construction Details
Most drawings sets include typical construction details. These details may include the foundation, interior walls, exterior walls, floors, stairways, and / or roof details. NOTE: A majority of our plans include construction details but some do not. To determine if a plan includes these details click on the "What's Included" tab on the plan detail page.

What is not included?

Not all Building Departments require the items below, but if your building department requires these items, Home Patterns LLC can help. Please give us a call at 864 278 0068 for a free quote for these additional services.

Architectural and Engineering Stamps (Seals)
Some building departments require that a licensed architect or engineer sign and stamp the construction drawings prior to issuing a building permit for construction. The purchase of house plan drawings does not include a stamped set of construction drawings nor structural engineering. Structural integrity and design is critical to creating a safe building. We recommend that all of our clients work with a structural engineer prior to construction. We do offer structural engineering services through our engineering partners. This is an additional services that is not included with the purchase your house plan drawings. Please contact us for more information and a free quote.

Structural Engineering

  • Location of actual duct work for heating and air conditioning
  • Drawings showing the actual plumbing pipe sizes and locations
  • Electrical wiring and panel diagrams
  • Location-specific engineering
  • Framing layout and sizes

* Your contractor can typically provide the locations for duct work for heating and air conditioning, plumbing pipe sizes, locations, electrical wiring, and panel diagrams.