Working with a True Craftsman

Nov 14, 2014 11:12:34 PM

We often get the question, what interior details are provided in the plan package? As a general rule, we tend to keep those details pretty bungalow basic. Most home owners are not capable of paying for Greene and Greene inspired woodworking details and most builders couldn’t execute them. But there can be a nice balance. We do not (currently) provide shop drawings for our built-ins, but we do have nice interior elevations that show the locations, trim, and heights of most details. With the aid of the right book a builder should be able to produce appropriate built-ins to meet your budget and needs.

I was looking for a way to include a relevant post on my favorite Arts and Crafts interior detail book, Shop Drawings for Craftsman Interiors, when lo and behold I got a call from Mike Nutter of QuarterSawn Woodworks in Charlotte, NC. To make a long story short, we are going to design a wonderful, true Craftsman home together.

Now, I always work with my clients to make our plans even better, but this is a special opportunity. Mike is an expert in woodworking and his passion is the Arts and Crafts. I hope to learn even more about Craftsman interiors from Mike. Together, we’re hoping to produce a one of a kind masterpiece for him and his family.

Mike and I agreed to use Robert Lang’s Craftsman Interiors book as a basis for many of the details we’ll introduce to this home plan. However, Mike is also bringing some of his special wants and needs to the design solution: a beautiful arched coffered ceiling for the dining room, a unique desk built in to a half wall, and wonderful book shelves everywhere. Mike has agreed to let me share some of these wonderful details on my stock plans. Hopefully, we can encourage local builders to try some of these details or order pieces direct from QuarterSawn.

I spoke with Robert Lang the other day and he has graciously agreed to let me show you some of his work. I encourage you to buy his book today if you’d like to build bungalows with awesome interiors. See below for a preview of some shop drawings from the Craftsman Interiors book and some built work from Mike Nutter at Quartersawn Woodworks (coming soon). – Brooks Ballard