The Difference between Cottage, Bungalow and Foursquare Houses.

Whether you are looking to rent, buy, or recommend a home to a friend, knowing the different types or styles of homes on the market is very important. There are over 26 different architectural home styles and we have chosen three of the most common ones to compare for you in this article; The three styles are cottage, bungalow, and foursquare.

Remember looking into your picture books as a child, flipping through pages and coming across a beautiful cozy house surrounded by a comforting, natural scenery? The houses you have seen were most likely cottage style homes. The word cottage is derived from the word "cotters" which was the name given to European peasants who lived in these types of homes in the Medieval period. As you would expect, these homes are much less extravagant than the other styles, and it is, in fact, their cozy, modest style which renders them appealing to some people. They are typically compact size homes with wood or stone siding and heavy sloping roofs.

Craftsman Bungalows are known for their simple designs and natural unornamented style. The name bungalow comes from the Indian word "Bengla" which is a house style founded in India. With large front porches with tapered columns, broad distinct gables, decorative beams or braces, wide eaves and unique window panes, no wonder this style gained popularity so quickly. The inside of the home is a reflection of its simple outer design with a beautiful wide-open concept.

The foursquare home plan gets its name from its obviously square or boxed shaped style. What is appealing about this particular style is that its floorplan delivers roomy living space. Similar to the craftsman home plan, the foursquare home plan style was also part of the Arts and Crafts movement after the Victorian era, aiming for simplicity. It is usually two and a half stories with four rooms on each floor. Typically, the living room, dining room, foyer, and kitchen are on the first floor, and 3 bedrooms and a bathroom are on the second floor. Of course, one of its prominent features is the very large front porch with its large boxed pillars.

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